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Glasskibe are made in a collaboration between two Danish studios; glass artists Backhaus-Brown and wood wunderkinder Egeværk. All Glasskibe are unique pieces, inspired by Scandinavian heritage and identity.

Glasskibe have had solo museum exhibitions in Denmark and Norway, and won the Collectors’ Choice Award at Glass47 in 2019 to name a few stories.

All pieces are created by: Nanna Backhaus Brown, Mette Bentzen, Andrew Brown and Lasse Kristensen. Please find examples of the Glasskibe you will find on display in Vetri Gallery, Seattle. Please go to the website of Vetri to see all works.

Colour: clear/fumed oak
Length: 18.3 inches
Colour: black/natural oak
Length: 23.6 inches
Colour: Tea/natural oak
Length: 33.1, height: 26.4 inches
Colour: Blue/fumed oak
Length: 19.5 inches
Colour: Lime green/
aqua light/fumed oak
Length: 21.7 inches