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Hundested is a small coastal town north of Copenhagen boasting long traditions of sublime crafts. Some of the world’s most beautiful and elegant ships used to be made here as well as fishing boats robust enough for all kinds of weather.

Hundested is located on the entry to two main fjords; Isefjorden and Roskilde Fjord. These two fjords were literally buzzing with activity in the Viking Age. A shipwreck has been found close to Lynæs (a Hundested harbour) and it is well known that Vikings lit huge fires on the steep fjord slopes to warn of enemies approaching from the sea. At the far end of Roskilde Fjord you will find the famous Viking Ship Museum.

The maritime history of Hundested and the imagery of Viking ships passing have inspired two of the harbour’s contemporary craft companies; cabinetmakers Egeværk and glass artist Backhaus & Brown. These two award-winning workshops have combined their masterful crafts in an innovative collaboration; namely a series of sculptures named ”Glasskibe” – Viking ships in glass and wood.

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